I am enrolled with the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama. I was taught the Cherokee, Tsalagi, syllabary, language from my Elder Robert, Bob, Busyheaed.
He was enrolled with the Eastern Band of Cherokee, NC. Bod was Red Head. He was English, Irish and Scottish.

The Cherokee allied with the British and had sexual relations which produced admixture from about 1700 until the present day, 2019.

There are no tribes, federal or state, that are not admixed with African and European DNA. If in doubt have your autosomal DNA analyzed.

There are no FULL BLOODS today or was there ever any full bloods. All humans are admixed. 

Where is the objective medical evidence as to how one is an Indigenous/Native American? There is none.

The US Government established guideline prior to modern scientific evidence and biological knowledge on DNA. 

I was a member of the Board of Directors for the Vietnam Era Veterans Inter-Tribal Association.

I worked with federal and state recognized tribes for Vietnam Indian combat veterans for medical VA services on reservations in Montana and other states.

I knew Chief Ross Swimmer, WHITE, Cherokee Nation and Chief James Gordon, United Keetawah Band of Cherokee in Oklahoma.

The current Cherokee Nation chairman is 1/32 Cherokee and most likely 31/32s European.

The Cherokee Nation terminated the use of Degree of Indian Blood because they do not have it.

If you can prove you are a blood relative to some one now or past that was a member you are eligible to seek enrollment.

You do not need to be an “INDIAN” to become a tribal member. You must be a blood relative and prove it and be accepted/approved to enroll.

DNA. Autosomal DNA. A chain of evidence is mandatory. Autosomal is a means to measure who is the father/mother to extended cousins by blood.  

Autosomal does not relate to race, but only family blood by cMs and generation.
Tribes are family by blood and adoption. All tribes adopted others who were non-tribal member as Africans, Europeans and members from other tribes.

I was a board member for the Governor’s Council on Indian Affairs for the state of Florida. 

I and Jim Billie, Chairman for the Seminole Tribe, served in Vietnam in the US Army infantry.

I worked directly with federal and state recognized tribes in the state of Florida.  

I think there are three classifications for Indigenous/Native Americans today:

Federally Recognized
State Recognized
Those unrecognized and without any concrete documentation are self recognized are undocumented Indigenous/Native Americans.

State recognized tribes, bands etc., evolved due to rejection, federal money to tribes, by the tribe that you had had a blood link, but restrictions as where you were born and did your ancestors register on a roll as Henderson 1835 and the Dewes Roll to enroll with that tribe as the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma.

States used the 10th. Amendment to recognized state tribes and the history of the state with the tribes or as in Alabama proof of harm to those with Indigenous ancestry by destruction of documents.

Check the Alabama Indian Commission Affairs website for state recognized tribes.  

Dr. Eske Willerslev PhD., expert in anthropology and genetics, had conducted research on the Malta child, Siberia Russia, now MA-1 and kit F999914 with Gedmatch.com and Genesis and the Cloves child, Montana, USA, now Anzick-1 and kit F999919. My autosomal DNA matches both.

Dr. Willerslev conducted autosomal DNA research on myself and other volunteer members of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama.
Our results are with Gedmatch.com and Genesis.

All DNA organizations use calculators that are programmed to produce ethnic and geographical locations from anthropological migration.

Where is the data, gene pool, for Indigenous/Native American taken from?
Where is the chain of evidence for how and where the data was taken and used to program the calculator verified from?

This could be interpreted as all the individuals in your dataset to derive their ancestry from the same ancestral Native American population. 
The same happens for all the ethnic groups in the database; Mayas cluster with Mayas and Algonquin’’s cluster with Algonquin’s. 
4. We also looked for the populations that are closest to the individuals in your dataset. It turns out that the closest populations are Cree, Ojibwa and Algonquin, which correspond to the so-called North Native American branch. 
We will work on a way for you to visualize these results and we will send it soon. 
What do you think? 
P.S. After looking at your data I am thinking about genotyping myself and see where my Native American fraction falls! 

José Vííctor Moreno Mayar
Centre for GeoGenetics 
Eske Willerslev 
Dir., Lundbeck Foundation Prof. 
Centre for GeoGenetics 
Natural History Museum 

Hey Joel, 
We have started working with your data and we got some pretty cool results. Here is a brief summary: 
1. From each individual in your data, we extracted the "Native American specific bits" from the genome (the vast majority). 
2. We merged those data to a database composed of ~500 individuals with Native American ancestry (data similar to what we got for you). 
3. We compared your data to the database and found that individuals in your data form their own cluster. 
ity of Copenhagen 
Østervolgade 5-7 
1350 Copenhagen K 
José Víctor Moreno Mayar 
Eske Willerslev 

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See kits with Gedmatch.com and Genesis for the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama

KY8772554 Cherokee_A2438-24_Filtered 
SB9634663 Cherokee_A2438-23 
JC3417893 Cherokee_A2438-24 
DD7589178 Cherokee_A2438-25 
MG6844653 Cherokee_A2438-26 
AY7354137 Cherokee_A2438-27 
YD7495903 Cherokee_A2438-28 
AW7225236 Joel Ken Harris, Sr.
Also, a formal report is on my website cherokeeindiansofalabama

Two last points are:

Autosomal DNA by parents only passes 50% to the children, grandparents is 25% and great grandparents is 12.5%.
You could have what had been thought to be a full blood ancestor and not show in your DNA.

Where is the proven DNA for a Cherokee or any other tribal name?
Where is the gene pool that can prove by a chain of evidence who provided the DNA sample and who analyzed the DNA had the credentials?

The Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama is the only government recognized tribe with proven autosomal DNA with an Expert Dr. Eske Willerslev.

There are no federal recognized tribes with any autosomal DNA that had been provided with a chain of evidence for the tribe, tribal member identification, how DNA was extraction, processed, shipped, received, opened, processed, analyzed by credentialed experts and a credentialed professional as Dr. Eske Willersle PhD. expert in anthropology and genetics and research. 

Check the website and check Copenhagen University for Dr. Willerslev.

Send me an email to hrjoel3@bellsouth.net I will provide attachments to verify my statements.

My autosomal DNA matches Dawn Trout, member Cherokee Nation, OK, through Ancestry DNA.
The question on culture is do you speak your native tongue, Tsalagi?